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Major in English Linguistics (Master level)


The major in English Linguistics offers the most comprehensive programme in France for the study of English Language and Linguistics. Students are taught by experts in the fields of semantics, syntax, pragmatics, phonetics and phonology from a wide range of perspectives, including a comparative one. The programme aims to equip successful applicants with the scholarly and methodological skills needed to engage in linguistics research. Our students are given opportunities to discuss their work. They are encouraged to join our vibrant research community and to attend international conferences in Paris and abroad.

Most courses consist of seminars and lectures. The dissertation consists of a piece of independent research of 50 pages in Year 1, 80 pages in Year 2.

Students can choose from further optional courses available in the Department of Linguistics with the approval of their supervisor.

Research themes addressed in seminars :

-        Conversation analysis, dialogue, interaction, questions

-        Verbal anaphors, verb complementation, nominalisation

-        Tense, aspect, modality, evidentiality

-        Stress systems, regional accent variation, syllable division

Faculty contact: Agnès Celle, <agnes.celle@univ-paris-diderot.fr>