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Joint Master in English and American Studies: Choice of classes and registration

Your application file includes a learning agreement, i.e. the list of classes you wish to attend at Paris Diderot.

Regarding your choice of classes, the JDEAS supervisor in Paris, François VERGNIOLLE DE CHANTAL or the supervisor for international exchanges, Laurence CROS can help you. As JDEAS students, you are supposed to take 30 European credits (ECTS). You will mostly attend courses from the UFR d'Etudes Anglophones (English Department) but you may also take some other courses as free electives.

Regular MA courses

You will have access to the regular MA classes in English and American studies. The ECTS content of the courses varies and is indicated in the course catalogue below, along with the course description and procedure to register:
Courses in English and American studies (scroll down for the catalogue of postgraduate courses)

Independent study module (10 ECTS)

In addition to the regular MA course, you may take an Independent study module that is specifically designed for JDEAS students. For this Independent study module, you choose a topic in relation with the thesis you will write at your home university, so that you can start your research. You will meet once a month with a professor at Paris Diderot who will give you some advice on possible readings and will tell you which conferences you can attend. You will write a short report either on what you read or on the conferences you attended. Professor De Chantal will help you find a supervisor, according to your research project.
The official code and name for this class are “41OPLI53 - Travail tutoré”

Other modules

Subject to your home university's agreement, you may take courses in French as a foreign langague from the LANSAD (language center) or sports as free electives :

Modules in French as a Foreign Language (FLE)

Modules in Sports